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Reaching Out

by George Odhoji On July 21st, around 50 women from the community of Obunga gathered in the sanctuary of Ndoto Community Church. They took time to share their...
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Alpha Mom

By Moses Ondeche "Mama" Edith affectionately arranging the student photos on her bulletin board Edith is a 48-year-old lady, mother of 5, and the newest...
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What Will We Be About?

Since Ndoto hired its first Kenyans in Obunga, every staff member had the same primary objective: look after a group of students. Everyone then had...
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The Professor

by Fred Sadia "I waved at him multiple times a day for months as I was passing by," Allison Schlack remembered. "I kept wondering about...
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Welcome Gail!

Several months ago, shortly after Ndoto's longtime bookkeeper, Donna, retired, our Executive Director, Allison Schlack, met Gail Bell. She has worked for one of Ndoto's...
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Which Came First?

Tobias spraying the chicken coop for pests and disease Last year may have been the Chinese Year of the Rooster, but for Ndoto this is...
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Obunga for Jesus

by Fred Sadia The wave is robust, the intention is clear, and the direction has been set: it’s hell empty and heaven full for the...
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The Lord’s Justice

by Allison Schlack Justice. It’s a popular word. Millennials love it. Youth groups use it. Organizations make it their mission statement. It’s mentioned in Scripture....
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Black Panther and Potential

By George Ochieng I had an opportunity to watch this movie last month, with themes cutting across leadership, kingdoms, betrayal, unexploited potential, cultural diversity, and more. They...
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The Lakers

by Fred Sadia This is not a story about the Los Angeles basketball team landing in Africa, but rather it’s a story of young Ndoto...
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I Could Have Dropped Out

James is a perfect example of why we sponsor the students we do. He heard of Ndoto seven years ago and received a sponsorship in...
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Joy Like A River

By Fred Sadia Two years ago as an Ndoto student, I was part of the Ndoto family that attended the burial ceremony of a fellow sponsored student...
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