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We love having people come visit Ndoto’s work in Kenya. Whether you are a sponsor, a future sponsor, or just someone looking for a new place to vacation, Kenya is an excellent destination. With continually developing infrastructure along with excellent value, we recommend coming to Kenya to almost anyone.

Vision Trips

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Kenyan Safari

Kenya’s safari experiences are world-renowned. The Maasai Mara, connected to Tanzania’s Serengeti, is the number one destination for seeing the beauty of the savannah and the animals that populate it. You are guaranteed to see numerous elephants, giraffes, lions, hippos, buffalo, zebras, wildebeest, crocodiles, hyenas, and cheetahs. You may even see a rhino or leopard. The bird species are also varied and abundant, and all of this wildlife is in a wide-open habitat – 580 square miles, plus 5700 more square miles in Tanzania.

More parks dot the country, each with unique flair. Nakuru and Naivasha offer a gorgeous lake habitat complete with pink flamingoes. Amboseli offers views of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa. Aberdare contains the historic Treetops Resort, a massive treehouse over a watering hole. Ol Pejeta, situated on the equator, contains a huge chimpanzee sanctuary. Samburu is a beautiful arid location with excellent wildlife viewing.

All of Kenya’s parks have excellent lodging available at all levels of luxury and price points, and they are accessible in special safari vans with pop-up roofs for viewing. Some parks even have rudimentary airplane access.

Visit Kisumu

Ndoto works primarily in Kisumu, which is on the shores of Lake Victoria in western Kenya. With a major airport and multiple airlines servicing it, it is easy to access from Nairobi. Accommodations are available at several price points, up to the level of a standard business hotel in the West. While there are limited tourist activities in Kisumu, we strongly encourage our travelers to Kenya to come and visit our operations and see the impact we are having.

We’ll organize the opportunity for you to meet our staff, tour the Obunga slum, have lunch in the home of one of our students, and if possible visit the Ndoto Community Church on a Sunday morning. If possible, we try to organize a chance for sponsors to meet their students, though this can depend on the student's location and school schedule. Kisumu is a modern city with supermarkets and excellent restaurants, and visiting Obunga is an educational opportunity not to be missed. While you are here, you can try a boat ride on Lake Victoria and take a short drive to stand on the equator.

We welcome all sorts of travelers. Some come with a skill or expertise to share. Some come because they are curious about our ministry. Others come simply because they want a vacation and want to spend a couple days with us.

Please speak with us about traveling with younger children. Obunga can be a place where unexpected things happen, and children need to be prepared to understand what they see as well as to stay close to their group and watch their step.

Travel Arrangements

Ndoto has been helping to organize travel for groups from 1 to 35 to Kenya since 2005. Individuals, couples, families, small groups, churches, and more are welcome. We are thoroughly experienced with everything that could happen and have worked with many transportation companies, hotels, airlines, and restaurants. We have a safari company, Gofan Safaris, that we have worked with exclusively for many years. You will find the cost of a trip to Kenya surprisingly affordable!

We do require that you carry medical insurance that will cover Kenya. Normally, the best option is travel insurance, which can be purchased at a reasonable price. Squaremouth can help you compare policies. Travelers will also sign a risk and liability waiver, background check authorization, and protection of minors agreement.

Please contact our team for more information on traveling to Kenya!