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Ndoto works to give at-risk youth in Kenya hope for a brighter future through education, discipleship, and development.

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Students from Obunga overcome challenges that no one should have to face. They are resilient and determined, and shine brightly in a world dominated by darkness. Read their testimonies on our blog.

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Sponsor a student. Host a party. Become a donor. Schedule a speaking event. Donate a laptop. Be a prayer partner. Give a Bible. Volunteer in Kenya. The opportunities are endless!

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We have students at all sponsorship levels who are waiting for an opportunity to go to school. They have big dreams, great needs and are exceptionally bright. Will you help us get them in school so they can pursue their dreams!?

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Hi, my name is

Stephen O.

Male, 19 Years Old, College Student

  • Stephen dreams of being an economist.
  • He earned an exemplary score on his comprehensive high school exam.
  • He lives with his single mother who runs a small business.
  • He loves photography.

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Our Focus

Ndoto’s desire is to provide the next generation of Kenya with access to education and hope for a future in Jesus Christ. We run a sponsorship program to help kids go to school as well as a discipleship program to help them grow spiritually. Since our founding, we have seen nearly 300 students become sponsored. Join us and be an agent of change.

One person at a time.


Education is key to eradicating poverty. Therefore, we began a sponsorship program to send students to well-established schools in Kenya with good reputations and strong academic performance. We recruit sponsors for each student and create opportunities for them to develop a relationship with each other through exchanging letters and photos.

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Discipleship is the spiritual investment in the lives of students. We aim to raise them up to be committed followers of Jesus Christ, and give them the tools they need to walk with Him closely and serve others in His name. We create opportunities for discipleship through weekly Bible studies, mentor relationships, gospel presentations, and service to the community.

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Development is the long-term process by which we help to bring out the capabilities and possibilities in our students. We aim to bring the communities they live in to a more advanced and effective state by giving micro loans to young adults with promising business plans. We also assist students in getting internships and jobs as they complete their education.

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They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.

Isaiah 61:3

Why Education?

There is very little free education in Kenya, so most parents in slum communities cannot afford the tuition needed for their children to be enrolled in school. However, education is necessary for students to break free from the poverty cycle. Without an education, this generation will forever struggle to find regular employment.

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    The Slum Doctors

    by Fred Sadia This is not a story of qualified physicians operating in slums. It’s an account of a slum that is producing doctors year after year, young men and women who have overcome all odds to be able to dress in brilliant white lab coats with stethoscopes hanging around their necks. It’s the dream of most Kenyan children to become doctors and study medicine, but because of the high cost of the programs most families cannot afford to send their children.

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    Visa Appointments

    Do you know anyone who works at the US State Department? We may need your help! On November 13th, it had officially been a year since Michael Omondi, Ndoto pastor and husband to Ndoto Executive Director Allison Schlack, received approval for a five-year tourist visa to come to the United States. Since then, his application has been stuck in “administrative processing”, a bureaucratic black hole in Washington D.C. from which virtually no information has been forthcoming.

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    Congratulations Ndoto 2018 Graduates!

    by Fred Sadia The dates have been set, the preparations are in high gear, and the graduates are ready to embrace the moment…it’s all systems go for the 2018 graduation ceremonies! In Kenya, the Christmas season is always accompanied by graduation parties, as the month of December is when most colleges around the country hold commencements. Families travel from rural areas to grace these occasions all over the country. It’s always a scene worth admiring: various communities dressed in their traditional regalia, thronging school courtyards, ready to witness their sons and daughters put on the caps of academic brilliance.

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