Heroes Day


Heroes Day is a holiday in Kenya to honor the nation’s heroes.
Join us for our annual fundraiser in honor of our heroes: the families we serve.
Our online giving day keeps us going.

Matthew 7:7 says, "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

At Ndoto we've been asking, seeking, and knocking for fourteen years, and this verse has always proven reliable. We asked if we could build a sponsorship program in a vulnerable community, and God gave us over 650 students. We sought to launch a church, and we found that God was building something to bless the entire community. We knocked on the door of starting our own school, and God has opened that door to us through Ndoto Academy, which has 56 students and is growing each year.

We have open doors throughout our ministry: to sponsor more students, to create a renowned sports ministry, to build a K-9 private Christian school, and to holistically disciple the next generation. Your support is essential to this.

Sponsorship giving has always been dedicated entirely to Kenya. We don't keep a single cent in the US for any operations. That means that even though our sponsorship program is fully funded, and even if Ndoto Academy and Ndoto Community Church grow to become self-sufficient, our ministry shuts down if we don't raise our annual budget.

Most organizations don't promote fundraising for US salaries, accounting and compliance costs, credit card processing fees, travel expenses, and office supplies. But we know you know that organizations don't exist without them, and we also know you know that Ndoto is extremely frugal and watches every expenditure.

So we're asking, seeking, and knocking: if you believe that Ndoto's ministry in Kenya is changing lives, then would you make an extra gift to keep it going? We need to raise about $55,000 to meet our annual budget, and this is our one fundraiser of the year. Join us as we walk through open doors!

  • $54,730.00 Raised
    of $55,000.00