The African Child




by Fred Sadia

Africa is a continent filled with lots of opportunity, but leaders who seem unaware. Africa is also filled with hope, but leaders who seem to thwart it. The future lies in the African Child, the child born with skin the color of chocolate. Bright and articulate: strong, bold, and talented.

Every single day is an opportunity for the African Child to spin the wheels of optimism in a hostile environment that ranges from lack of school fees, lack of health care, and even a lack of food. By the grace of God they still push on in their journey.

These sons and daughters of the soil have mastered the art of perseverance. Yet, there are still moments when the African Child is overwhelmed by the daily struggles. In such circumstances they know where to run in order to refill that jar of hope: the church.

Ndoto Community Church in Obunga is one among many churches on the continent that is bringing hope, not only to the adults, but also to the kids in the slum. The Ndoto Sunday School has opened its doors to many kids. It has been a place where kids gather together to praise God. In church they forget their daily struggles. An example is Irene (at right), who went to her Sunday school teacher and whispered in his ear, “I want you to pray for my dad, he is an alcoholic.” With her Bible clutched at her waist this African Child is dependent on prayer.

“One day at a time sweet Jesus,” is what the African Child is praying for. He is praying for strength for the daily life struggles and for hope for a brighter future. The sons and daughters of the soil are rich in texture and content. They are full of potential for a better tomorrow. Just teach them discipline, teach them character, teach them hard work, and teach them to follow Christ and they will shine.

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