When Students Leave




Ordinarily, when a student leaves Ndoto before graduating, it’s a sad occasion. Sometimes, however, we are amazed at their maturity and praise God for it!

Irene is an example. She joined Ndoto in 2018 at 21 years old, going into her third year of pharmacy school at a top university. With incredible grades, but her single mother raising 3 other children in high school by selling tomatoes, Irene’s family had sold nearly all of their belongings to settle debts.

We were surprised, therefore, when Irene came to the Ndoto office just before Christmas to say that she wanted to decline her sponsorship. She went on to say that her brother had just gotten an excellent job and was making good money. He wanted to support the family and Irene wished to leave Ndoto to make room for some other more needy student.

Abubakar is another example of a student pursuing his dream. He joined Ndoto in 2013 while living on the streets after his parents died and his grandmother abused him. He had converted to Islam, but then through Ndoto returned to Christianity.

When he finished his high school exams in December, Abubakar received below-average grades. As a beloved part of Ndoto, the staff encouraged him to dream big. However, he shared that his dream had become long-haul trucking as a commercial driver. He was thrilled about being his own boss on the road and only asked Ndoto for about $80 for a driving course.

Students like Irene and Abubakar amaze us with their humility and wisdom, and even if Ndoto is no longer financially supporting them, they will always be part of our family through our Alumni Network!

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