Letters are Awesome




by John Seale

Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors who wrote letters to our students this year. We packed them in suitcases and they’ve just arrived in Kisumu.

The letters are a huge project, both in the US and in Kenya. We currently have 374 sponsorship relationships, and we hope for two letters for each every year! While it’s a huge project, it’s very rewarding and something that I look forward to.

A young family looks at sponsorship

As the sponsors’ letters start to trickle in after the new year, it’s a joy to scan through them for updates on how our sponsors are doing. Our sponsors are all ages and come from all walks of life in six different countries. Some sit down and hand write lengthy letters. Some just write notes. Others put together a professional-looking layout electronically, labeling and captioning each photo. I’ve heard about medical emergencies (and have gotten the chance to pray with sponsors over them), new boyfriends and girlfriends, and children who have gotten their drivers licenses. One sponsor this year filled out a fun quiz and included a blank one for the student to fill out and return! In any case, all letters are greatly appreciated.

A student writes a letter back to her sponsor

Then, later in the summer, travelers start to bring student letters back to us from Kenya. As our team of volunteers file, sort, and scan them, we learn a lot. We hear the students sharing their dreams and the heartaches that come with poverty. Some of them express the gospel more clearly than I can, others bring up politics, and others just draw pictures since they’re so young.

We often hear from our sponsors that letters are one of their favorite parts of sponsorship, and they are also one of the coolest parts of my job here at Ndoto!

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