Years of Prayers




“Since I came to this church I got a Bible of my own. I can sit down at home and just read it myself.” – John, 34
“Most churches’ leaders look down on youths, but at our church, I have a place in building the body of Christ.” – Imelda, 27

Long before Ndoto was launched to educate, disciple, and develop at-risk youth, Allison and several other volunteers worked to help plant a church in the middle of Obunga. While that church ultimately closed, the dream is now being realized through Ndoto.

Since Pastor Michael Omondi graduated from Kenya Highlands Bible College in 2013 and returned to Obunga, the Ndoto Community Church has grown from being a place for student discipleship into a thriving church community. Since its humble beginnings meeting in the lobby of the Ndoto offices, the church now meets in the original church building constructed in 2006 and has more than two hundred attendees each Sunday.

In addition to a popular praise and worship team and a Sunday School class that is bursting at the seams, Ndoto Community Church has a committed Youth Evangelism team, small group Bible studies, and a House Fellowship for adults that rotates among homes on Thursday afternoons. Another church leader will soon start seminary and several other adults are developing to help lead different parts of the congregation.

“The community we have is real here, the love and care and attention is great.” – Felix, 60
“I was looking for friends to lead me in the right directions, and these young men at church were there.” – Patrick, 20

Allison says, “In all of my life I have never seen such a powerful movement of the Gospel centered among young men. They are coming to the Lord and serving the Kingdom in ways I never imagined.” On top of it all, the church is operating out of its own Sunday offerings and has been saving up for renovations. The Ndoto Community Church is an answer to sixteen-year-old prayers!

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