What Will We Be About?




Since Ndoto hired its first Kenyans in Obunga, every staff member had the same primary objective: look after a group of students. Everyone then had one smaller responsibility: Susan did the¬†bookkeeping, Mama Bon handled the money, and so on. This has been an inspiring way of organizing a team around a key vision. So there’s no time like the present for change!

Joshua’s heart for Ndoto students is legendary and contagious

Why change? Because Ndoto is about more than just taking care of the growing group of students. For years, Ndoto has had the goal of serving 300 students, and at 295 today, we are about there. We have long said that if hundreds of students simply graduate as well-educated adults, we won’t have succeeded. Beginning this year, Ndoto is refocusing on a balanced approach to our three objectives: education, discipleship, and development.

Fred and Michael are incredibly gifted at discipleship of children and young adults

The Kenyan staff’s realignment even has them moving offices! Joshua is now leading “Educate”, with Susan and Fred working with 110 college students, Edith and Tobias with 99 high school students, and Joshua and Mama Bon with 86 elementary students. Michael and Fred will lead “Disciple” through the Ndoto Community Church. George is leading “Develop”,¬†the mission of¬†creating¬†jobs and community strength in Obunga. Moses will be supporting all of it as the administrative leader.

George, an entrepreneur himself, has been passionate about business development as long as we’ve known him

Allison says, “In the past week since the change, the word that keeps coming up is ‘excited’. The staff is reinvigorated with their new focus, and they are working very hard!” Most people know Ndoto for student sponsorship, and that is¬†still our largest program. In the coming years, you will also know us for how families¬†are being discipled and how the community is being developed!

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