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By Moses Ondeche
“Mama” Edith affectionately arranging the student photos on her bulletin board

Edith is a 48-year-old lady, mother of 5, and the newest member of Team Ndoto. She and I were discussing obstacles she has faced. She explained how she used to have to work so hard despite being pregnant with her last child, bending and carrying things with no help and even opposition from others who saw her honesty as an obstacle to their selfish ambitions.

That discussion led to how she then gave birth on her own, on the floor of her house. She nursed and cleaned her baby and herself without help from anyone. I asked her why, and she said with a big smile, “I have done it with all my children.” As a new father myself, I could not fathom a mother giving birth to a child on her own!

Edith explains to Susan, also a mother of a toddler, how women in Kenya used to give birth alone

Edith went on to explain how such challenges have helped her grow and understand service for God despite your circumstances. She reiterated the massive difference between the culture at Ndoto and her other jobs. “The love you have for each other and the children is Christ-like, your prayer and Bible study times are rich, and the honesty and esteem you hold for each other is exemplary.”

Edith has shown great love for the children and a passion to serve wherever and whenever she can. She now has the chance to develop our high school girls into what God has in store for them!

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