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Election Aftermath

Elections in Kenya aren't quite like elections in the U.S., though we've been known to have our chaos here in the States too. Kenya, which...
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Light into my Darkest Background

“As far as I have reached is because I was raised up by a strong woman who always believed that nothing is impossible before God.”...
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Not Spare Parts

Fred returning his borrowed book "Joseph decided he would rather face life with the Lord and have nothing, than face life without the Lord and...
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by John Seale I'm proud to get to serve as Ndoto's first Director of Operations. It feels like a position I've been preparing for over...
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Storm Troopers

Moses is one of our newer staff leaders! Our team member Moses Ondeche likes to segment his students - the "storm troopers" who are ready...
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The New Silas

By Michael Omondi Silas comes from a place where he was abandoned by his father and had no mother.  He went to school until form...
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Students in Action

If Ndoto students simply become well-educated adults, then we have not succeeded in our mission.   Ndoto students praying for a young boy Ndoto students have...
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“I love you guys…and I am here for you!”

by Moses Ondeche I had an opportunity to visit two of our new students in a school within the city, Robert A. and Chrispine O....
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Feels Like Coming Home

Written by Allison Schlack   Ndoto graduate, Dan One morning at my desk, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a tall, confident man coming...
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Evans Goes to School

Sometimes people ask us how we help their students succeed in school. Local public schools in Kenya are often poor, but Ndoto loves being able...
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Joining the Team

By John Seale, new Director of Operations Have you ever had one of those times when you felt like you were biting off more than...
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Through the Eyes of a Student

Geoffrey, a high school student, sponsored by Ndoto to go to a nationally ranked high school, received an opportunity to go to Morocco.  Upon his...
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