Reignites Lost Hope




by Fred Sadia

In my one and a half month stay at Ndoto, the 16th of October has already become one of my most memorable days.

It all started with a call that I made to one of the newly selected Ndoto students, Collins O. I was informing him about the official welcoming date for the new students. Little did I know that he wasn’t aware in the first place that he had qualified to be part of the Ndoto family. As I continued to converse with him through the office landline, the emotions that trickled down to my ears via the telephone earpiece were amazing: Collins was virtually a man overwhelmed by joy. His voice told it all – a brittle but soothing voice.

Our conversation was getting more enjoyable and the next question I asked him was why he was so happy. These were his words: “I am extremely happy. Eight years struggling to pay school fees is not a joke, Ndoto was the only hope left for me. The anxious wait is finally over, God has answered my prayers.”

His words were a bombshell to me; I was short of words and only said “AMEN.” Deep inside me I felt proud of being part of this organization that reignites lost hope and gives youths a reason to smile again. I’m now looking forward to meeting this young man on the official date of welcoming the new students.

Collins received a sponsor this month, but there are still many more students waiting for their sponsorship to reignite their lost hope. Will you sponsor one?

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