Pillars of Grit




Student interviews can be challenging for the students, but they are enlightening to the staff!

This year’s selection process for new students was emotionally and spiritually captivating as many of the students had uniquely challenging life stories. Many had gone through years of frustrations and heartbreaking experiences that developed pillars of grit within them.

Wilkister A. is one of the college students who came into the interview with a lovely smile, but when she spoke we heard so much pain and disappointment in her voice. Wilkister is a 22-year-old who become a single mother two years ago. While in high school, her aunt paid her school fees, as her mother was not able to make enough as a roadside tailor and her father had been in prison. She did fairly well at the end of high school, but got into a relationship with a young man who got her pregnant and left her. With resilience, she pursued college and enrolled at Maseno University.

A year later, having left her daughter with her mother, she realized how challenging it was to keep up with fee payments. She began to sell candy and bottled water to her fellow students and passersby to make some money. Wilkister was in tears speaking about the harshness of life and how impossible it was for her to continue as she owes the university over 150,000 shillings (more than a year’s income for a family from Obunga).

Wilkister painted a clear picture of what grit is, that at 22 years she can overcome what is set in front of her. She wants to become a news broadcaster or a teacher. Ndoto is proud to begin sponsoring her education in January and we are still looking for a sponsor for her. Please click her picture above if you will support her future!

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