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Faith Growing

by Fred Sadia High school girls are not much different around the world, and it wouldn't be uncommon for parents to say that their daughters...
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A Visit to Kenya

Pastor Oscar Benavides and his wife Jen were ministers at Prince of Peace in Carrollton, where both Ndoto founder Allison Schlack and Director of Operations...
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Memorial Playground

Sandy (middle) and Allison (right) This story begins long before Ndoto was founded. Our director, Allison Schlack, and her family were close friends and Baylor-watching...
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Ndoto Community Church’s Big Dream

by Pastor Fred Sadia At the heart of the Obunga community, a big dream was born, and the dreamers could not keep calm, because the...
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Bless The Lord

by Fred Sadia Bless the Lord, for his mercy endures forever,Bless the Lord, for his mighty endeavors,Bless the Lord, for his greatest treasure,His son Jesus...
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Negative Effects of Peer Pressure

by Mercy Gemini Peer pressure has become a well-known social issue around the world, especially for teenagers. Teens who grow up comparing themselves to their...
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Another Chance

by Susan Mandera Achilla has overcome more obstacles than most to get where she is now. As an orphan and the oldest of 5, life...
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Arsons in High School

Effects of a Spate of Arson Attacks on Kenyan Secondary Schools: A Case Study of Effie, Evans, and Josephine by Mercy Gemini In recent years...
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Meet Pastor George

by Fred Sadia Ndoto Community Church has been blessed to have Pastor George since 2018, when he was invited to visit by a church member....
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From The Accounting Perspective

by Elizabeth Ndibile It has been 7 months now since I joined Ndoto as the staff accountant, and it's been a journey full of new...
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When Peace Like A River

by Fred Sadia Wherever his presence moves, his peace, like a river, silently enters into the hearts of those filled with his love. His peace...
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Ministering From Life Experiences

by Becky Awuor Becky is part of our discipleship team I still remember walking into the office on my first day nearly 12 months ago....
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