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“We are proud of Achilla. She is a hardworking and determined young lady, and that’s why she is where she is now.”

That’s what we wrote about Achilla last year when she was in her third year of college. She has overcome so many obstacles in her life and is a perfect example of why Ndoto values sponsoring education beyond just high school. This year we celebrate another amazing accomplishment.

Achilla has an exemplary work ethic due to mentorship programs and Ndoto’s support. After her classroom internship at Kisumu Boys, a top area high school, she did a further internship at Equity Bank’s legal department this year. She heard through a WhatsApp group connected to the bank about a scholarship opportunity at Delhi University in India.

Achilla in a train station in New Delhi

Even though she hadn’t yet walked the stage for her college graduation, Achilla was accepted for a full scholarship to pursue a second Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Commerce. Between her passions for teaching, business, and data science, she dreams of studying at a Master’s level next. First, she has to attend her Kenyan college graduation online!

Achilla on campus at Delhi University

Who could have known that a young girl from a flood-devastated part of Kisumu would one day grow up to study abroad and be a beacon of hope in her community? She came by the office before flying to India to express her gratitude for the chance to follow her dreams. Achilla had found a warm family at Ndoto, especially Susan, our education director, who walked with her educational journey, and Pastor Michael, who she says molded her spiritual life. “He positively influenced my lifestyle with his simplicity and attitude toward life.”

“Don’t limit yourself and don’t let your situations define you. Put your best foot forward,” she says would be her advice to younger students. “Just try! You never know!”

Achilla in the office meeting with Susan, our education director, one last time before leaving Kenya


  1. Silvia Achila on September 26, 2023 at 3:21 am

    This tale began back in 2019 when I was to join college but those hopes were just mere dreams,why? I had no idea of how my school fee was going to be raised. Ndoto for Africa came through for me and my entry to University opened my mind to so many things. Ask yourself what your focus in life is all about. Keep trying,never stop trying coz when you try you get to know your full potential. I am a proud student of Ndoto

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