Another Chance




by Susan Mandera

Achilla has overcome more obstacles than most to get where she is now.

As an orphan and the oldest of 5, life for Achilla has not been easy because she had to take care of her younger siblings. Her father died in 2002 when she was a toddler, and her mother died in 2015. Since then she has washed clothes for people, caught fish, and sold french fries to make ends meet.

Although she scored very well on her 8th grade exams, her family couldn’t raise enough money to send her to high school. They found a different sponsorship program supported by an area bank and she was able to enroll. However, despite her excellent grades on the 12th grade exams, her program wouldn’t support her onward.

Achilla, 21, is working on a Bachelor of Science degree in Education at a new school near Kisumu.

Ndoto believes strongly in the importance of post-secondary education in job-scarce Kenya, as simply obtaining a high school diploma does not qualify most Kenyans for stable employment. While looking for options, Achilla taught in a rural school. A fellow teacher told her about Ndoto and she eagerly applied. She was accepted for Ndoto sponsorship right before the pandemic shut down the country. She was living with her grandmother, who got sick and passed away, but still Achilla kept waiting and helping with her uncle’s rural business.

Today Achilla is in her 3rd year at Kaimosi Friends University College where she is studying to become a teacher. This year she is going for an internship at Kisumu Boys High School, where a number of our students attend.

We are proud of Achilla. She is a hardworking and determined young lady, and that’s why she is where she is now. With a work ethic like hers, there’s no doubt that she’ll become a great teacher!

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