Open Doors for Sports




We launched a sports ministry in 2020 during the lockdown. What started as a few benches and homemade weights in the courtyard of our compound has turned into a large gym on its own piece of land. Over 100 youth are engaged in soccer, and dozens of young men are training in boxing. Some were even invited to try out for the Olympic team.

Sports can offer the emerging generation a place to call home. Young people discover themselves, develop character, create lifelong friendships, and discover deep mentorship through sports. Jacob had quit soccer when he received sponsorship through Ndoto in high school, and he focused on his academics. When he graduated in December 2019 with great grades, he rekindled his interest in soccer.

Jacob knew the risks that would come from being an idle young man in a community where crime is rampant, so he gathered his friends for an intensive schedule of morning workouts and evening practices. When schools reopened and Ndoto paid his college tuition, he saved his spare change to buy his first ever pair of cleats in order to impress the university coach, where he now plays. Jacob owes much of his self-confidence to the soccer field.

Ndoto Boxing & Gym and the Ndoto Sports Academy expand our reach far beyond who we can reach with just sponsorship. They also let us build character. They let us intervene before young men and women make life-altering mistakes. They give people fresh hope and joy for their futures.

Our competitive soccer team is representing Ndoto across the county, and our boxers have been competing across the nation. Our gym is popular fixture in the community. Sports are an Open Door for Ndoto. We want to invest in our gym, our programs, our coaches, and ultimately the young men and women who are part of the ministry, because they are our heroes.

When you support Ndoto on Heroes Day, you’re keeping ministries like this possible, and giving us the chance to dream about what sports ministry could be in 2024 and beyond. Let’s make Ndoto the premier destination in our city for boxing, soccer, training, and more!

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