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School Closed Again

Students in Kenya got more disappointing news from their government. With the rising instances of COVID-19 in Kenya and the lack of resources in the...
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Special In Our Hearts

by Fred Sadia Every year, Ndoto announces sponsorship opportunities for bright students who have financial need. Young people stream into the Ndoto offices to acquire...
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Faces of Hope

by Fred Sadia In these challenging times, the world is grappling with lots of trials as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This situation that has...
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Kenya, In A Time of COVID

by Allison Schlack A young boy uses an Ndoto handwashing station On March 12th, the Kenyan government announced its first case of COVID-19. The young...
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Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder

by Fred Sadia There is an old adage that says, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Some of Ndoto's students really exemplify Ndoto's...
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Give To Feed Vulnerable Families

$30 Gift to Ndoto's Coronavirus Efforts: Checkout   The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all. With the entire nation of Kenya on strict stay-at-home orders,...
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Ndoto Coronavirus Update

$30 Gift to Ndoto's Coronavirus Efforts: Checkout What's Going On In Kenya? Like at least 176 other countries, Kenya has begun to see cases of...
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My Salary, My Secret

by Fred Sadia Brian, staff accountant, at work at his desk As the sun rises on the horizon, it’s another opportunity to give it our...
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African Change Makers

by Fred Sadia It's clear to me: not even the rusty iron sheets that make up our houses can obstruct the mind geared towards change....
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Glorifying God as an Engineer

by Zadock I attended the interview on a Friday evening in 2014 together with my mom.  She had been told about Ndoto by her colleague...
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A Lot More Than Just Education

By Edward O. Edward in 2010 showing off his love of soccer My name is Edward, and I'm a Civil & Structural Engineer, thanks to...
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Strong Because I’m Fearless

by Janet W. Janet was part of Ndoto's first class of students in 2010 Many girls, even some of my friends, got married at an...
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