Brand New Day




Part of Joshua’s flooded property

Kisumu sits on the edge of Lake Victoria, the world’s second-largest freshwater lake. The lake’s level varies significantly, as its primary source is rainwater and its primary loss is through evaporation, not river outflow. With massive rainstorms, the lake has recently reached its highest level in 120 years of records, causing enormous flooding in nearby villages. Families have been displaced as they move to higher ground, and homes and farms have been submerged.

Joshua helps to unload a canoe

Joshua, one of our Kenyan staff members, has experienced the flooding first-hand. “This brand new day I go in faith, but I know not what lies in wait. I can only pray,” Joshua says. While he lives in town, his family, like many in Kenya, has a rural homestead. “This flooding has caused havoc in my life and that of my family. I had to relocate my aging, sick mother and entire family to a safer place. Every part of our rural home is flooded. I have to use a boat to maneuver through our homestead. My grandparents’ graves have vanished in the dirty, mucky water. It’s really tough and painful. Watching my mom in tears makes it worse.”

Ndoto has been standing with Joshua through prayer and provision. “Ndoto is not only a place where you go to work but it is also a home away from home. It is filled with people with caring and loving hearts,” Joshua said. “I wish that the volume of the lake would recede, but if it doesn’t, I still pray that God gives me the grace to discern his will for when to strive and when to be still.” God has been faithful to Joshua and his family every brand new day.

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