Sunday Best




by Fred Sadia

Sunday’s sweetest moments are at dawn, when the early morning rays flicker upon the face of the earth and the birds sing with pride. It’s a reminder that the bright blue sky is hatching yet another wonderful day and presenting a crown of beauty upon ashes. God’s word is laid upon both the wonderful and the challenging.

Musa in worship at Ndoto

Ndoto Community Church, located at the heart of the Obunga slum, is a source of solace for many people of all ages. Kids find an opportunity to gather together with their friends during Sunday school services to learn the word of God and thank Him for taking them through the week. The kids’ service, that usually lasts an hour, ushers in the main service, a moment of reverent worship and total surrender to the King of Kings. The congregation, which mostly consists of students and parents from the community, converges together to raise their petitions high to the heavens, with the faith that their prayers will be a sweet-smelling fragrance to God on His throne. In a community where there is not always so much to be happy about, a moment in the presence of God is always treasured and honored. Ndoto Community Church has been a light and a source of hope to many. “I love my church because of the manner in which the word of God is presented in a way I can understand,” Musa, a church member, says. For him, happiness is found in discerning the word of God, and the church has been a blessing to him in that regard.

The words of grace mark the end of the service and the beginning of the kids’ free-mingling time. Sundays at Ndoto are not complete without seeing the kids and the youths play all sorts of games, from biking to hide-and-seek and soccer. You watch the kids run around the compound and you get the feeling of heaven on earth, a serene place filled with the joy of the Lord.

The gray and orange skies boldly welcome the evening, a reminder that our homes have missed us. Slowly the compound becomes deserted and it’s time again to patiently wait for the end of another week, for another moment to surrender our worst to God that he may bring his best to us – so that all of our days may be lived in His presence in utmost bliss!

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