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In years past, our community knew Ndoto almost exclusively as a sponsorship program. While it might seem that a sponsorship program would be famous, 11 years after launching we still run into people in our community who have never heard of us. Ndoto Community Church is the way to reach people who are beyond the reach of our limited sponsorship program.

Our neighborhood has a large sports field, and this past year our team saw the opportunity to launch a community soccer team. With most students home from March through December, Ndoto Sports exploded in popularity. Our one team turned into four teams, aged under-12, -14, -16, and -20. In November we hosted a city-wide under-12 tournament with fifteen teams, attended by hundreds. And since in our community we live our entire lives outdoors or in open-air buildings, even with all our outreach our community has seen very little of the dangerous pandemic.

Thanks to a huge donation of uniforms from Prince of Peace Christian School in Carrollton, TX, our boys’ teams are well-outfitted. In December we launched two girls’ teams, and a donor gave money to have high-quality uniforms printed in Nairobi (pictured above).

By now we have about 60 young people in our soccer academy. “Through sports we are able to reach the young people,” Pastor Michael said, “and we have witnessed a surge in Sunday school numbers. We wanted to help girls and boys stay out of trouble, and it was a success. New faces come into the Ndoto compound now. Nearly all of the kids stay for small Bible studies after practices. Sports can open the door to their homes and schools, and ultimately their soul gets to know who Jesus Christ is.”

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