The Last Laughter




by Fred Sadia

Moments of joy have slipped past so quickly. This year, days have swiftly melted into weeks, and weeks into months. The tomorrow that we warmly thought of became today before we knew it. It hit us here at Ndoto on January 4 when suddenly our dear students were nowhere to be seen at the Ndoto compound. The schools have at last been opened, which we are thankful for, but even so we can’t stop thinking of the sweet memories we’ve shared together with them while they were at home during the longest school break in the history of our country. The warmth we shared in our laughter is stuck in our thoughts, as these times wiped away any dark anxiety that we woke up to. It helped right our emotions and ignite within our hearts a feeling of hope in the middle of a pandemic. The laughter gave us the feeling of belonging. It allowed us to understand, and more importantly to share, our true identity: our belonging in Christ.

We can never have enough of these beautiful students. When we think that we’ve spent so much time with them, then we realize we just value them the more. When the constant laughter almost becomes noise, we realize that our ears are addicted to the echoes. When we are bored or tired, they are always ready to warm our hearts, and when they cry our hands are quick to wipe their tears. That is the bond we miss for the next three months until they return. For now, we can only look forward to seeing their faces again, when we will laugh again and feel the warmth of each other. We are praying for you, students, that God will shower you with his protection and that he will give you the drive to work hard.

We now remember the last laughter most fondly, remembering those final moments we shared together before school, the stories we talked about, and the dreams we dreamt about. Indeed, he who laughs last, laughs the best.

We love you, students!

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