The Long Holiday




by Fred Sadia

The government of Kenya shut down schools all over the country in March in a bid to control the rising numbers of Covid-19 cases. Children all over the country found themselves in a moment of anxiety, not aware of what the future held for them. Parents alike found themselves drowning in uncertainty. The long holiday proved to be a thorn in the side of everyone in education. But Ndoto became a safe haven for many children, especially in our new library. It became a place where kids joined together to learn and play games. The tiny kids even found a place to explore their creativity with colorful building blocks and the coloring books.

Musa in the library

During this long holiday, an amazing group of college boys volunteered to help the younger ones learn and grow in our new Ndoto library. One young man who has stood out is Musa. He is an Ndoto college student working toward a bachelor’s degree in statistics. He has been using his prowess in mathematics to teach a group of young high school students. The students are extremely happy with how he explains complicated mathematical problems. This season, though challenging, has allowed Musa to discover a lot about himself. “I never knew that I had skill in teaching. This season has been an eye opener to me,” Musa said. “I have learnt the art of serving people through the little that I have. I’m happy that I got an opportunity to bring smiles to people this year.”

Musa making chapati at home

The Kenyan school calendar keeps college students busy, but the long holiday has given students an opportunity to have ample time with their families. Musa says he feels happy to have the chance to be at home and help his mom do simple things like prepare chapati. “I can’t wait for schools to reopen, but I don’t regret spending a lot of time with my family,” he says.

Every challenge brings with it great opportunities: opportunities to learn, to grow, and to become better versions of our old selves. The long holiday has indeed been a challenge to so many students in Kenya, but by the grace of God it has been a blessing to many as well.

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