Dave the Dreamer




by Fred Sadia

Dave in 2014

Not all sleepers get to land in paradise with every dream, but when the light of dawn casts a rosy hue across the morning sky, a dreamer cannot be tethered. Dave is such a dreamer. His story is one of resilience, perseverance, and hope. He lives beyond his broken past, focusing on his aspirations and keeping his dream alive.

From a tender age, Dave always believed that a day would come when he would be a leader. How and when was a complete mystery, darkened further when he lost his mother in 2012. “My Mum loved me so much. I recall the day when she bought me a couch to sleep on and forbade anyone else to sit on it. I loved my mum, and losing her at such a critical time shuttered my hopes.” Life became absolutely impossible for him within a span of a year when he lost his dad, also. Sometimes getting food to eat was elusive. “I can’t count how many times I went to school without a meal,” he says. The fire of his dreams was slowly dying down.

Dave at the Ndoto library

In 2013, Dave got the opportunity to join Ndoto. It was awesome for him to join a loving and caring family. He felt like optimism was burning within him one more time. His dreams were rejuvenated, and Pastor Michael Omondi let him stay with him in his home for a while. During that time Pastor Michael, the Ndoto Kenya director, walked with him in the journey of faith. “Michael taught me to follow the footsteps of Christ, and he taught me that beyond my failures the grace of Christ was still abiding. I began to live out my life believing and trusting in Christ.”

Dave helps to lead Acts 29, a youth ministry of Ndoto Community Church

Dave joined college in 2019 and started discovering a lot about what God had in store for him. He initially dreamed of being a pilot or aeronautical engineer, but the Lord was not leading him that way. He began to study electrical engineering, but as he went to school, he began volunteering at the Ndoto Community Church. Teaching Sunday school classes and youth group meetings, he felt the call of God.

Currently Dave is doing an Associates Degree in Transformational Church Leadership at Pan Africa Christian University and is loving every bit. At last, his dreams are clear and crisp in his mind. As a children’s minister, youth group leader, football coach, and church administrator, he has realized that he is a leader after all.

Ndoto is a Kiswahili word that means “dream”. At Ndoto, students are inspired to dream for themselves. They are taught to dream the best version of themselves and live it out without fear. Dave is a perfect example of what Ndoto can do: transform dreams into reality.

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