Trusted With The Keys




When Zadock graduated from high school in 2013, he had some of the highest grades we’d seen. With a top score on his final exam, Zadock was accepted to Moi University to study Chemical Engineering. There was just one problem – as one of three children staying with their single mother, there was no money for such a program. He heard back from Ndoto on his application just in time. Ndoto would support him!

Last week, Michael, our Ndoto site director and pastor, visited Zadock at his desk at Kiwasco, the private business that manages 60% of Kisumu’s water supply. He had done an internship there in his final year of school, and landed a coveted full-time position upon graduation. He credits his job to the prayers of his Ndoto Community Church family, where he was active during the internship, and his mother.

Zadock’s mom raised him, took him to a good high school, and taught him character. She raised him to trust in Christ, and that trust has carried him to a great job at the Kajulu Water Treatment Plant just outside of town. Zadock works night shifts keeping the water treated and running. In less than a year, he has earned the trust of his leaders and was given the keys to the storehouse where the chemicals are kept.


Zadock believes many of his coworkers earned their jobs through family connections or bribes. Still, he treats them with respect and believes he is called to help show them how to do the job well. He maintains himself with integrity and lets his testimony of Christ shine through his work. After all, Zadock knows that his mother lives downhill from his treatment plant and that the water he treats will reach her home.

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