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Pillars of Grit

Student interviews can be challenging for the students, but they are enlightening to the staff! This year’s selection process for new students was emotionally and...
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Reignites Lost Hope

by Fred Sadia In my one and a half month stay at Ndoto, the 16th of October has already become one of my most memorable...
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Monday, October 16 – BJ’s Brewhouse

Help raise funds for Ndoto this fall while enjoying some classic BJ's Brewhouse food! There are two ways to help Ndoto on Monday, October 16th:...
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Introducing Fred Sadia!

I am the last born to Mama Bon, one of the Ndoto staff members. I grew up in the Obunga slums from the time I was...
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Gifts for Students

Sometimes sponsors ask us what kinds of gifts they can send to their students. In general, we discourage our students from asking for things in...
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Let Justice Roll On

Amos 5:24: Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never failing stream. by Allison Schlack For all fourteen and a half years...
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Election Aftermath

Elections in Kenya aren't quite like elections in the U.S., though we've been known to have our chaos here in the States too. Kenya, which...
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Light into my Darkest Background

“As far as I have reached is because I was raised up by a strong woman who always believed that nothing is impossible before God.”...
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Not Spare Parts

Fred returning his borrowed book "Joseph decided he would rather face life with the Lord and have nothing, than face life without the Lord and...
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by John Seale I'm proud to get to serve as Ndoto's first Director of Operations. It feels like a position I've been preparing for over...
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Storm Troopers

Moses is one of our newer staff leaders! Our team member Moses Ondeche likes to segment his students - the "storm troopers" who are ready...
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The New Silas

By Michael Omondi Silas comes from a place where he was abandoned by his father and had no mother.  He went to school until form...
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