Joy Like A River




By Fred Sadia

Two years ago as an Ndoto student, I was part of the Ndoto family that attended the burial ceremony of a fellow sponsored student who had passed away as a result of a football injury. The air at the burial grounds was engulfed in a somber mood. Family, friends, and relatives were all mourning the loss of a loved one. But in that cloud of gloom, there was a ray of hope. A beautiful little girl was quietly sitting on the lap of her mother as the body of her father was being eulogized.

This beautiful princess, Joy A., was that glimmer of hope. My heart is filled with joy like a river because Joy qualified to join Ndoto in the recently concluded selection process.

Watching her go to school every morning at a nearby community school makes me quite happy, because it gives me the confidence that her dream of becoming a doctor one day can still come to fruition. Seeing her attending Sunday school on a weekly basis gives me the hope that this young girl will grow strong in Christ Jesus, day by day.

Joy A. just started 1st grade and is sponsored by Joe & Dr. Jayshree N.

Ndoto staff members really get encouraged by the littlest Ndoto students. Watching them grow in knowledge, wisdom, and stature (Luke 2:52) gives us hope of a better country and a better continent. I truly believe that this young girl will fly high like an eagle. Her face tells it all: a bright and brave young girl who is ready to soar to the greatest heights.

My prayer is that just as the rivers flow in fullness of joy, the life of Joy would be filled with joy; that the smiles on her face would illuminate the people around her.

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