I Could Have Dropped Out




James is a perfect example of why we sponsor the students we do. He heard of Ndoto seven years ago and received a sponsorship in 2012 to go to high school.

James is sponsored by Tim & Donna T.

“Before joining, life was never easy on any side,” James told us last month. “I lost my dad when we were still young – I was in first grade. The memory is still fresh in my mind. My mom took all the responsibility but it was not easy since she didn’t have a good job. I remember my older brother dropping out of school due to financial difficulties and the hard life we had.”

With school tuition paid for, James began to work very hard to make his mother and sponsors proud. “I had everything to smile about, and my mom was very happy,” he recalled. James could have easily dropped out of school like his brother, but instead he is now enrolled at a university studying economics and statistics.

“I want to be the best statistician ever,” James told us. We’d love that too, James! He is such a responsible student and he has proven his accountability and consistency. Here at Ndoto, we count it a privilege to be able to invest in bright students’ lives like his.

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