The Next Engineer




Benard in his graduation gown

Kenya has more qualified professionals in the workforce this January, thanks to Ndoto. Among our college graduates, there’s at least one more engineer ready to be part of developing his country who wouldn’t have his degree otherwise.

Benard O. found Ndoto three years ago when he had dropped out of college after his second year of a five-year electrical engineering degree. He was from a single-parent household and there weren’t enough funds to see him, the only male in his family to make it past 8th grade, any further.

With the faithful sponsorship of Ron & Rachel P. and Ina W., Benard graduated with his electrical engineering degree in December. It wasn’t without challenge. He lost his mother last year, leaving him a total orphan living with very little and trying to get through college.

Michael, our Ndoto pastor, says, “Benard is a godly young man, humble, and bright – the best of the combination in one person.” We wish him the best in his job search!

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