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The Beauty of Working at Ndoto

by Fred Sadia Without a doubt, it’s the dream of many to wake up early in the morning and go to a job that their...
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The Slum Doctors

by Fred Sadia This is not a story of qualified physicians operating in slums. It’s an account of a slum that is producing doctors year...
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Visa Appointments

Do you know anyone who works at the US State Department? We may need your help! On November 13th, it had officially been a year...
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Congratulations Ndoto 2018 Graduates!

by Fred Sadia The dates have been set, the preparations are in high gear, and the graduates are ready to embrace the’s all systems...
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The Perfect Team

by Allison Schlack Phanice, a 17-year old high school junior in Ndoto Everyone told me my wedding week would fly by, and to try to...
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The African Child

by Fred Sadia Africa is a continent filled with lots of opportunity, but leaders who seem unaware. Africa is also filled with hope, but leaders...
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Reaching Out

by George Odhoji On July 21st, around 50 women from the community of Obunga gathered in the sanctuary of Ndoto Community Church. They took time to share their...
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Alpha Mom

By Moses Ondeche "Mama" Edith affectionately arranging the student photos on her bulletin board Edith is a 48-year-old lady, mother of 5, and the newest...
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What Will We Be About?

Since Ndoto hired its first Kenyans in Obunga, every staff member had the same primary objective: look after a group of students. Everyone then had...
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The Professor

by Fred Sadia "I waved at him multiple times a day for months as I was passing by," Allison Schlack remembered. "I kept wondering about...
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Welcome Gail!

Several months ago, shortly after Ndoto's longtime bookkeeper, Donna, retired, our Executive Director, Allison Schlack, met Gail Bell. She has worked for one of Ndoto's...
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Which Came First?

Tobias spraying the chicken coop for pests and disease Last year may have been the Chinese Year of the Rooster, but for Ndoto this is...
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