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God Gives Joy

"I am not afraid of working hard to provide for my family, combining work and school at the same time," Frank wrote to his sponsor...
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A Widow’s Cry

by Fred Sadia The plight of many widows in our community has long been ignored. Many have been left to face the battles of life...
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Grass Roots

If your ministry disappeared tomorrow, would your community miss you? That's the hard question that churches and nonprofit organizations face when considering their impact on...
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Trusted With The Keys

When Zadock graduated from high school in 2013, he had some of the highest grades we'd seen. With a top score on his final exam,...
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Sunday Best

by Fred Sadia Sunday's sweetest moments are at dawn, when the early morning rays flicker upon the face of the earth and the birds sing...
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Soccer Academy

In years past, our community knew Ndoto almost exclusively as a sponsorship program. While it might seem that a sponsorship program would be famous, 11...
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The Last Laughter

by Fred Sadia Moments of joy have slipped past so quickly. This year, days have swiftly melted into weeks, and weeks into months. The tomorrow...
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The Long Holiday

by Fred Sadia The government of Kenya shut down schools all over the country in March in a bid to control the rising numbers of...
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Dave the Dreamer

by Fred Sadia Dave in 2014 Not all sleepers get to land in paradise with every dream, but when the light of dawn casts a...
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2020 Coronavirus Relief Fund

Ndoto is still supporting families in Kenya who have been drastically affected by the worldwide pandemic. Many families have lost jobs and income for different...
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Continuing Ed

Education is a cornerstone of Ndoto. Last year, we extended the benefits of education to our Kenyan staff, too. When Joshua joined our team years...
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Brand New Day

Part of Joshua's flooded property Kisumu sits on the edge of Lake Victoria, the world's second-largest freshwater lake. The lake's level varies significantly, as its...
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