Meet Pastor George




by Fred Sadia

Ndoto Community Church has been blessed to have Pastor George since 2018, when he was invited to visit by a church member. He is an avid preacher of the word of God and a joyful and generous giver. Pastor George especially helps connect to the elderly in our community through Luo, the local language.

Pastor George has been a faithful part of the church leadership team, although he lives about 5 miles from the church and has walked the distance for years. Recently he purchased a motorcycle for transportation. Pastor Fred says, “He is indeed a true representation of how far mankind will go in service of the gospel.”

One thing that sets Pastor George apart is his generosity. He says he learned the art of giving through Scripture, such as Proverbs 22:9: “Blessed are those who are generous because they feed the poor.” He has been known to sometimes bring gifts for the entire church on a Sunday morning.

Beyond serving the church, Pastor George is a husband and loving father to 10 children, and he is a street salesman earning money to take care of his family. Pastor George dearly loves Ndoto Community Church, saying, “The Ndoto ministry has not only been a blessing to me but also to my entire family. When I came I was welcomed with lots of love by the church members and I felt deep in my heart that this was the family I wanted to be part of.”

Pastor George with one of his sons, who comes to church with him each Sunday

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