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Open Doors for Sponsorship

Student sponsorship isn't a new idea. Other great ministries have paved the way for how to remove financial obstacles from education in impoverished places. When...
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Open Doors for Sports

We launched a sports ministry in 2020 during the lockdown. What started as a few benches and homemade weights in the courtyard of our compound...
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Just Try!

“We are proud of Achilla. She is a hardworking and determined young lady, and that’s why she is where she is now.” That’s what we...
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Home is the Best

by Jacob Ochieng At the end of their 3rd year, most university students in Kenya are required to get an internship for at least two...
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The Same, But Different

by John Seale, Director of Operations I recently got back from my annual trip to Kenya where I got to spend time with our staff...
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Yesterday’s Dream is Today’s Hope and Tomorrow’s Reality

by Samson Opiyo To be part of the elite group you must start from the roots, lay a firm foundation, and then put in the...
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I Don’t Believe in Excuses

by John Seale, Samson Opiyo, and Jacob Ochieng Jesus Christ draws near to us in our suffering, and he remains committed even in our stumbling....
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This Story is Still Being Written

by John Seale with reporting by Samson Opiyo To be perfectly honest, there are times that it's hard to tell the stories of Ndoto. There...
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Pulled In Every Direction

by Samson Opiyo Parents everywhere want the best for their children, and they'll often move mountains to help them succeed. But just how far does...
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Ndoto Sports

Play Video The senior team registered to compete in the County League this year. There are many ways to reach youth, but one of the...
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I Left That Ring a Winner

by John Seale Clinton in 2020 beginning the Ndoto Gym Last week, five boxers representing Ndoto traveled to Nairobi and competed in a nationwide novice...
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Here’s to unexpected adventures

Here’s a story for you this Christmas season. I have always planned and hoped and prayed for 2 kids, especially getting married in my late...
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