Open Doors for Ndoto Academy




Ndoto has sent students to schools all over our city and country, but we always dreamed of having our own private Christian school. So when special donations came together to make the new initiative possible, we launched Ndoto Academy.

Gloria was a young child who was among the first to be enrolled in 2022 at the school’s founding. Almost immediately she began behaving strangely for a pre-K student. Soon she became violent and consistently caused disruptions. When we called Gloria’s mother for a conference, we learned more.

Gloria’s mother had survived an abusive marriage, and the things the young child had seen had impacted her deeply. Gloria’s teacher, Lilian, insisted that Gloria could still correct her course if she had the right training and the right environment. She began attending Ndoto Community Church, and with the collaboration of Ndoto and her mother, Gloria began a total transformation.

Today, Gloria can read and write at grade level, and her mother testifies that she is a different child at home. On October 27th, Gloria will graduate from Kindergarten at Ndoto Academy and go on to first grade.

This is the reason why we started Ndoto Academy. We’re creating a different kind of school, with high educational standards, top-notch resources, and an environment of discipleship. And though we launched in faith, today we have an Open Door to build the school we envisioned.

Land almost never comes up for sale in Kisumu, but by God’s grace, two plots adjacent to our current compound became available, and we purchased them. Today we have a talented team of architects and engineers in the US and Kenya helping us plan a campus that will stretch to 9th grade in 2031. By then, there’s no doubt that Ndoto Academy will be known as one of the best schools in the region.

Heroes Day is about allowing Ndoto to walk through the open doors to make a greater and greater difference in Kenya!

Our original compound is in the middle and to the right. The new land is toward the camera and to the left.


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