Faith Growing




by Fred Sadia

High school girls are not much different around the world, and it wouldn’t be uncommon for parents to say that their daughters struggle with approval and love. Can a high school girl feel accepted by others?

Faith, when she found out that she had been accepted into Ndoto in 2012.

In 2012 a young girl named Faith received a sponsorship. She used to hang around the Ndoto compound, and our team noticed her and helped her apply for sponsorship. She usually attended Sunday school, and came to love the Ndoto ministry. But darker times were coming. As she became a pre-teen she remembers how she struggled so much with being accepted and loved.

Feeling unaccepted and unlovable, Faith made terrible decisions in her relationships with others, especially with boys. She recounts how she felt that she was ready to do anything just to feel important. The storm clouds closed in tighter. “With a broken heart, I cried to God and asked him to make me feel loved, even though I never knew what that really meant,” Faith said. “I poured all my heart to him and asked him to give me a big embrace. I pleaded with him that he would help me mend my broken relationships. My pain of desiring to be loved and accepted drew me close to Jesus.”

Today, Faith is 16 and a sophomore in high school

Faith trusted Jesus as her Lord and Savior in 2020 at a youth function at Ndoto Community Church. She is so glad that she began that journey, as her lifestyle as a teenager has changed completely and her attitude toward life has grown. “I have found many friends at the Ndoto girls club who have accepted me the way I am.”

One of Ndoto’s team members, Becky, works closely with Faith, who says she’s been inspired by Becky’s example and mentorship. She’s serving as a worship leader in her high school’s Christian Union group and believes that her faith in Jesus will continue growing. “Just pray for me,” Faith asks, “that God may help me not to do the same sins again and again.” Having found love and acceptance with a close group of friends and a mentor in a community of faith, we know God is already answering that prayer.

Under the leadership of Pastor Fred and ladies like Becky, the Girls Discipleship group has grown to dozens of young ladies learning together.

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