Memorial Playground




Sandy (middle) and Allison (right)

This story begins long before Ndoto was founded. Our director, Allison Schlack, and her family were close friends and Baylor-watching mates with Fred and Sandy Trombley, who lived next door for 25 years. When Allison launched Ndoto in 2009, Fred and Sandy were in line to sponsor the first student from the first class. They faithfully sponsored for years, even traveling to Kenya multiple times including for Allison’s wedding in 2018. They were renovating their dream home and Fred was one week from retirement when he suddenly passed away in early 2020.

Sandy, currently sponsoring her 8th, 9th, and 10th students through Ndoto, decided on the perfect way to honor her late husband: with the Frederick A. Trombley Memorial Playground in the Ndoto compound in Obunga. While together in Kenya in 2018, they had envisioned a playground to serve the community. She got to work raising money from friends and family and made a very generous cornerstone donation, and Ndoto got to work calling the best playground manufacturer in all of Kenya to make the drive out from Nairobi.

On April 23rd, Sandy Trombley stood next to Allison Schlack in Obunga and cut the ribbon encircling the nicest playground in the whole city. Ndoto students and parents, government officials, and a youth marching band from a nearby community were there for the celebration. There was a service in the church and the Ndoto Academy was also dedicated to the glory of God.

In addition to the Ndoto Academy students, sponsored students, Sunday school students, and kids from the community are welcomed in to play on the playground during the week. You should see the crowds and the number of kids laughing and playing. Few in our community, including even our staff, have ever had the chance to enjoy such a nice playground.


Thank you, Sandy! Fred would love it!

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