Ndoto Community Church’s Big Dream




by Pastor Fred Sadia

At the heart of the Obunga community, a big dream was born, and the dreamers could not keep calm, because the magnitude of the dream awakened a light for the future.

Elizabeth, a church member, selling black coal for a living.

The first thing that springs to mind when you think about a slum community is the extreme level of poverty, and that is absolutely true of Obunga, the place in which Ndoto Community Church is located. Nearly all of our congregants are exceedingly poor and are dependent on the church for aid. The church leadership receives numerous requests for assistance from its members and from the community, and this means the church has to continually have revenue to give out. From this need a dream was birthed.

“I have a dream, that one day our church will own apartments all over our community. I have a dream, that one day our church will take care of the physical needs of people who knock on its door. I have a dream that the sick in our midst will find a shoulder to lean on.” As an army commander who has just won a battle, senior Pastor Michael Omondi bravely shared the dream with a group of thirty adult congregants. Ndoto, which means “dream” in Kiswahili, has long encouraged the dreams of sponsored students. Now the ministry’s own dreams are coming out.

One of the houses next to the Ndoto office – a representation of the structures in our slum.

The dream was spoken, but the big question was whether the dream would be lived out. Like a methodical chess player, Pastor Michael slowly explained how this would be possible. We would need about $7000 to buy a piece of land within the community, and an additional $10,000 to construct decent and affordable apartments. The monthly rent proceeds could then construct additional houses and support the welfare of our community. We will replace the old, dilapidated shanties with modern, decent houses. Then our slum will have a new look while our congregants and the community benefit from the proceeds.

At first, the church members were scared. How could they raise such a huge amount of money while they’re struggling themselves to provide basic necessities to their families? The room was tense. You could feel the members quivering even though their faces were set hard. Facing a tidal wave of fear, our feet chose not to run away but to ride the wave and see where it would take us. To our surprise, we are still on the right track a year later.

The church members have collected a whopping sum of $5000 through their tithes and the monthly fundraisers. The sacrifice has been outstanding and the excitement astounding, and the big dream is slowly being tackled.

The hope of the congregants is that by September this year, we shall have raised another $2000 to enable us buy the piece of land. We are now trusting God to bring people our way who would help us raise an additional $10,000 to help us begin the construction.

Even big dreams can come true!

The kind of homes we want to build.


You can give now to support Ndoto Community Church’s big dream!

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  1. Chris oyoo on May 26, 2022 at 12:31 pm

    Wow! Big things comes slowly. Am so great full and happy for ndoto community my mentors, I was able to attend high school in one of the best schools in Kenya even though I was from a very poor back ground financially. I enjoy my day to day life,a privilege given by ndoto.Thank you Ndoto

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