Bless The Lord




by Fred Sadia

Bless the Lord, for his mercy endures forever,
Bless the Lord, for his mighty endeavors,
Bless the Lord, for his greatest treasure,
His son Jesus Christ, saving the world from all pressure.

This has been a special holiday, filled with lots of fun and leisure,
The boys' and the girls' clubs of the Ndoto ministry have experienced God together,
They have learnt his word better,
And pursued his heart altogether.

Bless the Lord, for in his days, the young at Ndoto have grown clever,
Bless the Lord, for wisdom and insight has been poured according to his pleasure,
Bless the Lord, for the young people have been strengthened as leather,
His love endures forever.

Our students were taught this holiday, that in order to walk with God wherever,
They had to put Jesus Christ at the Centre,
And they were all willing and excited to cling onto Jesus' feathers,
That they may not just walk with God but fly with him whenever.

Bless the Lord, for his joy has filled the Ndoto ministry beyond measure,
Bless the Lord, for the young have seen the light beyond all life’s displeasure,
Bless the Lord, for sin has been poured into the biggest shredder,
The Blood of Jesus, that is sufficient in all grace and favor.

Twenty one young boys gave their lives to Jesus this holiday season,
They were baptized, as a symbol of their sins being washed away,
They began a new journey with Christ,
And they decided to walk with God until the very last days of their lives.

Bless the Lord, He who saves!


  1. David Schroeder on April 18, 2022 at 8:48 pm

    I love the peom Fred, and the story of these young men trusting Jesus with their lives! They are such exciting additions to the Kingdom! Praise God, for He is Good!

  2. Roxane Malecek on April 19, 2022 at 9:42 pm

    What a wonderful witness to all of Obunga!! May God bless them and encourage each of them as they grow in their faith and share with others. Fred wrote such a touching poem too! Miraculous things are happening there!!

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