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Director’s Blog: “It’s all in a name…”

My name is Allison.  I’m 34-years-old.  I’m unmarried and have no children.  That’s all true, except for the fact that it’s not exactly true.  I...
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Elizabeth’s Journey

Elizabeth has been around Ndoto since its founding. She met Allison Schlack in 2003 when she was just six years old, during Allison’s first trip...
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Can Anything Good Come From The Slum?

At our high school and college retreat in April, one of our new students, Bonface O., signed up to perform a poem at the talent...
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Breaking Chains

“There is power in the name of Jesus…to break every chain, break every chain, break every chain.” God spoke to several Ndoto staff members during...
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Life in Obunga

When you hear the word “slum,” what do you think of? Some think of the ghettos in the United States; others think of the movie...
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Throwback: Family & A Christmas Feast.

Christmas has come and gone, but the stories of grace, love and kindness are still impacting us! Most of you who follow Ndoto have heard...
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Beautiful Redemption – Frank’s Story

Frank’s story is one of deep pain and struggle as well as beautiful redemption.  Born in 1986, Frank lost his mom when he was 12...
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Retreating Like Royalty – Part Two

The annual staff retreat from the male perspective... “We left Kisumu without any idea of our next destination, something I have never experienced before. When...
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Retreating Like Royalty – Part One

The annual staff retreat from the female staff perspective…    "I really want to take this opportunity to say thank you to the sponsors of...
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Students vs Sponsors; The Dilemma

    I have always loved the work that Ndoto does in Kenya. I love working for Ndoto and getting to interact with the students and...
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The Year Of The Lord’s Favor

On Saturday 11th August, 2012, a memorable event took place in Obunga as Michael Omondi graduated with a Higher Diploma in Theology from Kenya Highlands...
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Ndoto sponsorship program; Every student’s dream

June 30th 2012 was a special day at Ndoto.  First, because it was my birthday. And second because it marked the deadline of issuing Ndoto...
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