The Value in Visits




I had a new experience in June, visiting the Ndoto boys I mentor at their boarding high school. Brian, Byron, Mike, and Kevin Mark knew nothing of the visit.

Since my visit was unannounced, I desired to surprise them! As I signed in at the entrance of the school gates, I was distracted by Byron, as he smiled at me from a distance! He quickly stepped forward and raised his hand towards me for a handshake, after which he led me to an open sitting area and requested I sit as he made his way round the school to call in his Ndoto brothers.

They eventually made their way to the place I was seated. By this time, I had made my way into the school canteen to get us all a snack. They all sat in a circle as I handed out the snacks and got to hear from them about school life and what they desire to see done differently from my side. One of the things that stood out to me was the desire they had to see more of such visits. The boys went on to explain how visits are a vital part of their life in school, and it makes them feel and know that they matter and the Ndoto staff are here to help them through life. I told them of my plan for the next six months with them and they were very much looking forward to it.

I spent time rolling out the discipleship plan with them, starting off with a topic on “Self Worth.” I had a lovely experience talking to my boys and getting to hear from them. It was eye-opening. I will paraphrase what Joshua said after his visit to his students at a primary school. He said, “These visits are like arrows shot from a bow. They open my eyes to the real issues our children are facing.”

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