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As a new staff member, I feel privileged and honored to be part of the Ndoto family, and it is such an answer to prayer. In my first few weeks, I got to go and visit three of my students at Chulaimbo Secondary School with my co-worker, Joshua.

Chulaimbo is about 20 minutes from Kisumu, or as we call it, The Lake City. Being that it was the first time for me to meet them and vice versa, I did not know what to expect! I felt a little nervous, wondering what they would be like and how they would respond to me, someone they didn’t know at all.

To my relief, I met four humble and kind young men: Brian A., Mike O., Byron O., and our new student Kevin M. I was immediately drawn to all of them and what they had to say. They are enjoying school and learning so much. They are excited to be part of Ndoto, and I can see the relief on their faces that they don’t have to worry about where the tuition for their school is going to come from.

moses with students

Byron, Kevin, Moses, Brian, and Mike at school during a staff visit!

My excitement was elevated when I got to meet Kevin. He is a 15-year-old who has been out of school for the entire last year. His mom is a single woman who works a small business and is an alcoholic. She could not afford to take Kevin to school though he performed well, so he was forced to stay home.

Kevin’s older brother, Collins, is an Ndoto student who just finished high school and scored an A- on his K.C.P.E. exams. His dream is to be a pilot, and, with that grade, he will now be able to pursue that dream in college!  When he found out his grade, he was in the house with his mom, and she immediately laid on the floor crying tears of joy and praising God! She knows how bright her boys are, and that Ndoto is changing the course of their future! Collins is the first in his family to even attend high school, as his mom and older siblings didn’t go to school. It’s so clear to me that Kevin has seen how Ndoto has enabled his brother to accomplish his dreams.


Brothers, Collins (left) and Kevin (right)

When Kevin was accepted as a new Ndoto student, he was so excited! He knew he would finally get to resume his education, and it has revived his dream of becoming a doctor. This has catapulted his confidence and improved his behavior immensely. He, to me, is joy personified.

Meeting these students makes me excited for the work at Ndoto! I am humbled to have a front row seat to see what God is going to do in the lives of these young men as they grow up.

Kevin is still waiting for a sponsor, so that he can achieve his goals and follow in his brother’s footsteps. Please consider sponsoring him at $75/month. After meeting him, I know that it will be an incredible blessing to whoever his sponsor is.

You can sponsor Kevin by visiting his student page HERE.

Written by: Moses Ondeche

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