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Meet Pastor George

by Fred Sadia Ndoto Community Church has been blessed to have Pastor George since 2018, when he was invited to visit by a church member....
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From The Accounting Perspective

by Elizabeth Ndibile It has been 7 months now since I joined Ndoto as the staff accountant, and it's been a journey full of new...
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When Peace Like A River

by Fred Sadia Wherever his presence moves, his peace, like a river, silently enters into the hearts of those filled with his love. His peace...
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Ministering From Life Experiences

by Becky Awuor Becky is part of our discipleship team I still remember walking into the office on my first day nearly 12 months ago....
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Finding Your Calling

Clinton joined Ndoto in 2012 Clinton wasn't on a good path in life. He grew up in Obunga, surrounded by crime and poverty with few...
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The Beautiful Game

by Fred Sadia The game of soccer is played with 11 teammates astride, players whose adrenaline is charged by fans filled with great enthusiasm and...
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God Gives Joy

"I am not afraid of working hard to provide for my family, combining work and school at the same time," Frank wrote to his sponsor...
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A Widow’s Cry

by Fred Sadia The plight of many widows in our community has long been ignored. Many have been left to face the battles of life...
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Grass Roots

If your ministry disappeared tomorrow, would your community miss you? That's the hard question that churches and nonprofit organizations face when considering their impact on...
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Trusted With The Keys

When Zadock graduated from high school in 2013, he had some of the highest grades we'd seen. With a top score on his final exam,...
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Sunday Best

by Fred Sadia Sunday's sweetest moments are at dawn, when the early morning rays flicker upon the face of the earth and the birds sing...
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Soccer Academy

In years past, our community knew Ndoto almost exclusively as a sponsorship program. While it might seem that a sponsorship program would be famous, 11...
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