God Gives Joy




“I am not afraid of working hard to provide for my family, combining work and school at the same time,” Frank wrote to his sponsor back in 2017. A college student with Ndoto, he had just become a father to twins, whom he and his wife named Allison and Michael, after Ndoto’s directors, since they were strong influences in his life.

Frank, now 32, with his wife Imelda and kids Innoveta, Mike, and Allison

Frank’s mom had died in 1998 and his dad in 2004.  He clung to his faith in God to carry him through life.  He joined Ndoto in 2012 while still in high school.  There he learned what it meant to walk with Christ, and he became interested in serving in the church.  In college, while earning his business degree, he realized that he had an actual calling to ministry.  Ndoto gave him the rare opportunity to continue his education even further, and he jumped at the chance to get a second degree in theology from Lake Basin School of Theology in Kenya.

After graduating in January, Frank joined the pastoral team at Ndoto Community Church. His wife, Imelda, is a community health worker who supports his call to ministry as they hope he can move into full-time ministry soon. He says, “I want to see the church growing spiritually and in numbers. I would love to see people I interact with smile as I share the love of God with them, because God gives joy. I am filled with joy whenever I speak the word of God.”

Allison and Michael with the twins named after them. Photo from 2017

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