A Widow’s Cry




by Fred Sadia

Offering box for widows at church

The plight of many widows in our community has long been ignored. Many have been left to face the battles of life alone and some have been neglected, abused, or mocked. Widows in our community are usually looked down upon and some are even accused of having some part in the deaths of their husbands. The pain in their hearts is theirs to carry, yet still hope is not dead. Ndoto Community Church, through the leadership of Pastor Michael, had a vision this year to transform the lives of the widows in Obunga.

The Bible is clear about caring for widows, but too many of us take the passages figuratively instead of literally. James 1:27 says, “Pure and undefiled religion before God the Father is this: to care for orphans and widows in their adversity.” At Ndoto, through the contributions of the church members, the widows can now benefit from a small monthly stipend.

Margaret, a widow in Obunga

Margaret, a 70-year-old woman, is one of the widows in our community. She used to sell bananas for a living until the covid-19 pandemic crippled her business. As schools closed and the virus spread, many people moved to the rural areas where they had family. As customers became fewer, businesses began to shut, and their owners also moved away, deepening the economic spiral. Margaret says life has really been tough. Her biggest challenge is finding school fees for her daughter in high school and her grandchildren.

Some Ndoto Community Church members made a visit to her home to hand the first stipend to her and she was very grateful. She felt like someone had listened to her cry and offered her comfort. “My heart is overwhelmed with joy,” she told us.

Gaudensia, a widow in Obunga

Gaudensia, a 65-year-old, is another widow who received a surprise visit from the Ndoto Community Church team. She lost her husband in 2008 and has struggled alone ever since to take care of her family. She sells vegetables and other groceries, and this helps her to take care of her basic necessities.

We remember them in their afflictions, we pray for them in their despair, and we stand by them in their need. They are not forgotten because Christ loves them.

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