The Beautiful Game




by Fred Sadia

The game of soccer is played with 11 teammates astride, players whose adrenaline is charged by fans filled with great enthusiasm and excitement. This beautiful game, the god of all sports, can be played on well-trimmed green grass, or on dirt-filled pitches, or on anything in-between. It’s beautiful to watch. It’s popular in all parts of the world. Legends are made out of this game regardless of the social status of talented young players. And yet soccer is all about teamwork – passing and sharing.

Ndoto Soccer Academy has been at the forefront of creating the next big thing in the slum of Obunga. More than 40 young boys and girls have signed up with our academy to show their commitment to pursuing their passionate dream of being professional footballers.

Legends are made not out of fear but out of boldness and courage. The sweat on the ground from a future legend is like a fountain of excellence, springing up every day to nourish dreams. Legends are made in training and that is why the Ndoto Soccer Academy has adopted a tight training schedule. From physical body exercises to soccer drills, the coaches use all types of work to build the players.

Byron, one of the young men, during a recent match


The Ndoto Soccer Academy is a place that offers opportunity to the poor. Talented young boys and girls get to put on soccer cleats for the first time in their lives. Most of these kids come from families that cannot afford the basic necessities, so anything beyond food, shelter, and clothing is hard to come by.

James, one of the young players, leading prayers before a recent match

The most unique thing about the Ndoto Soccer Academy is the group’s resolve to honor Christ in all they do. It’s the norm for them to gather for prayers before any match or practice. Ndoto seeks to use sports as a means of spreading the love of Jesus to the youth and to help them understand that God is the giver of all gifts and talents.

The vision of this soccer academy is to see talented youth from Obunga play for big soccer clubs around the world, and we believe it’s possible because the players themselves have the resolve to pursue excellence. They continue entertaining many through the beautiful game, but more importantly, they are working to spread the Gospel of Jesus through sports to those who wouldn’t otherwise hear it.


  1. Clinton on December 21, 2021 at 10:10 pm

    So well written about our academy good work pst fred

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