Ministering From Life Experiences




by Becky Awuor

Becky is part of our discipleship team

I still remember walking into the office on my first day nearly 12 months ago. When I was shown the board with the pictures of the high school girls I would be serving, I was worried. I asked myself how I would remember their names and faces. I was terrified of how I would build a connection with them. I realized that I would have to remember faces, names, and build relationships not only with the high school girls but with the entire Ndoto study body. This was a burden to bear at the beginning.

I prayed to God to give me wisdom and strength. I needed a lot of it to be able to minister to our students effectively. God was faithful, and He is still faithful, to answer my request. The team played a huge role in making this happen. They have been here to guide me and answer the questions I’ve asked.

My life experiences have formed the core of my interaction with the girls. Most of them go through things I have personally gone through. I have always believed that what we experience in life is a lesson and guide for us as well as others who are yet to experience the same things. I moved from my home to Obunga when I started working at Ndoto in order to identify with them more deeply as well.

Most of the girls have really opened up to me. They have found it easy to relate to me and have put down the walls they had when they first met me. Some of them have even written me letters to thank me for listening and helping when they needed me. They visit me in my house. In fact, they even help me out sometimes with house chores. That shows me how comfortable they are around me. Most of them come to the office on the day they close school each term just to say hi and share their experiences.

On the other hand, some of the girls remain closed off. I get to see them only when they bring their report forms to the office. It has been hard trying to form a connection with them when they are never around the office and they won’t open up about their lives. In our community, it can be hard to be open about ourselves.

I get to see most of the students during the activities we have planned for them during the school breaks. We have tried engaging them in discussions on topics that heavily affect them and at the end of these sessions most of them follow me to ask follow-up questions and get more clarity.  I have realized that these girls are really hungry for mentors. They really need us and I intend to be there for them.

I am working on innovative ways to reach out to more girls. My desire is that they don’t get lost in the ways of the world but that they grow to the fullness of the potential that God has put in them, and shed light to the world as children of God. I see the greatness they carry within and I am grateful to God that He has put me in a position to be able to help mold them to what He has called them to be.

I am so excited about next year. I will be working from a point of knowledge now, since I know the girls and this will help me relate to them much better. These girls face so many challenges in their daily lives, and I am looking forward to ministering to them next year.


  1. Josef The Great on December 21, 2021 at 4:54 pm

    So well written and heartfelt. Those girls are fortunate to have someone with your insight and love.

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