Which Came First?




Tobias spraying the chicken coop for pests and disease

Last year may have been the Chinese Year of the Rooster, but for Ndoto this is the Year of the Chicken. We finally know that, at least here, the chicken comes first, and then comes sustainable income and jobs. An Ndoto student who used to sell eggs helped us realize that over 90% of the eggs consumed in western Kenya come from Uganda. We have started with 100 one-day-old chicks in our newly-constructed chicken coop as a pilot for an egg business in Obunga.

George, Joshua, and Tobias spreading new floor mulch

In six months, when these well-cared for chicks begin to produce high-quality eggs, Ndoto will work to sell them in Obunga and around town. “We are hopeful that whatever they spend in transportation, we can spend in production and be able to compete for market share,” George from our staff shares. George, Tobias, Joshua, and Edith have been trained in poultry keeping and are overseeing the project. Our goal is to grow to the point where the business will be able to provide employment for the jobless, raise funds for Ndoto’s ministry, and provide affordable eggs.

“We are motivated by the progress as we see the chicks grow every day,” George says, “and we cannot underrate the support we received in terms of donations. The final success will not be achieved because of our effort alone but because of everyone’s support as we transform the lives of others.” Keep up the good work! Click below to see a video of the chicken delivery day.

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