Welcome Gail!




Several months ago, shortly after Ndoto’s longtime bookkeeper, Donna, retired, our Executive Director, Allison Schlack, met Gail Bell. She has worked for one of Ndoto’s supporters for many years and is approaching her retirement. When she heard that Ndoto would be looking for someone to take up the role for just a few hours a week, she was excited to offer her services!

Her retirement is now right around the corner, and Ndoto is very excited to welcome Gail to the Ndoto team this month! She will be taking up the key task of maintaining our books and producing financial statements to keep the ministry on track. Gail wrote, “God is always working in your life. About the time I thought I was retiring from many years in the tax and accounting field a good friend introduced me to Allison. She offered me an opportunity to work with Ndoto and here I am. I am so looking forward to this – what a wonderful organization!”

Gail grew up in Oregon and attended the University of Oregon. “Somehow I made my way to Texas and will never leave,” she says with a smile!

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