Glorifying God as an Engineer




by Zadock

I attended the interview on a Friday evening in 2014 together with my mom.  She had been told about Ndoto by her colleague at work, and after the interview we prayed for the best.  But as we waited, it dawned on me that I may never join college at all.

I am a second born in a family of 3 boys.  After my dad passed in 2006, my elder brother and I stayed with our grandparents.  They were Christians and brought us up in the ways of the Lord.  Each evening would end with a teaching from the Holy Bible before we retired to bed.  My grandfather always encouraged us to work hard in school since it would guarantee us a better future.  He never forgot to remind us each day that bad company corrupts good morals (from 1 Corinthians 15:33).

Zadock was accepted to Ndoto in 2014

In the beginning of 2009, I moved to stay with my mother.  As a single mother, she struggled doing odd jobs to keep her 3 children in school.  When all of us were in high school, it was quite difficult for her to raise the fees for all of us.  My outstanding academic performance and discipline granted me favor with my teachers, and my passion for physics and mathematics gave me a desire to pursue engineering and do whatever I could to stay in school.

When I heard about Ndoto from my mother, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  She was very hopeful that I would be selected and lighten the burden on her.  We prayed together as a family.  When we received the news that I had been invited for an interview, it was good news for all of us.

As I was waiting for the results of the interview, I prepared to join Moi University.  About three weeks had gone by without receiving any official communication as to whether I was successful or not.  As a family we were worried about me enrolling since there was no money for my fees.  I began to have doubts.

Zadock graduated from a top university in 2019

When we received news that I had been successful with Ndoto, we glorified the name of the Lord.  My dream to become an engineer would finally be fulfilled.  I am most grateful to my sponsors Greg and Patty who, through Ndoto, were able to support me through my five years on campus.  At no time were my fees ever delayed, thus I reported to school on time every term. With Ndoto, I never had to worry about not sitting for my end of semester exams, something that had worried me in high school.

I completed my studies last year in April, and I graduated in December with a Bachelors degree in Chemical and Process Engineering.  By the grace of God, I also got a job at Kisumu Water and Sanitation Company where I had done an internship.  My desire is to provide engineering solutions to my country in areas of waste management, industrial pollution, and portable water production.  As a born-again Christian, and a product of Ndoto, I will give back to my community by being the best in my field.  I will uphold the standards of integrity as taught to us by Pastor Michael and Allison in our discipleship classes.  As an Ndoto alum, I also look forward to mentoring younger students who are in the organization.  Thank you, Ndoto!

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