African Change Makers




by Fred Sadia

It’s clear to me: not even the rusty iron sheets that make up our houses can obstruct the mind geared towards change. As I make the rounds in the community where we work, I meet this wonderful boy teaching his fellows who are neatly and attentively seated, ready to absorb what their mwalimu (Kiswahili for “teacher”) has for them. Our community is filled with lots of potential and hope; what it needs are the change makers. And the change makers need a training ground, and that is exactly what Ndoto does.

Ndoto has been the bedrock of change in the Obunga slum. Every year, Ndoto produces young graduates from various fields of study, and these graduates inspire the younger ones to work even harder that they may have a better future as well. Because we know that our efforts are futile without Jesus, the change makers are trained to first be followers of the Nazarene.

On my way, I meet Wycliff. Wycliffe is a true story of what Ndoto does in bringing up men and women who are eager to transform Africa. Wycliff dropped out of college because he could not afford the fees; out of that frustration, he opted to start drinking alcohol. People saw him as a person of no value and no worth. In 2018, Wycliff found a sponsorship opportunity at Ndoto and that marked the beginning of his rebirth. He was able to go back to college to pursue a degree in Education (linguistic studies) and he is currently in his 2nd year. Wycliff also found something much more special; just like Saul on his way to Damascus, Wycliff encountered Jesus and from that day he quit drinking. Wycliff is a change maker because he uses his prowess to translate sermons at Ndoto Community Church. A man whom men deemed to be of no worth is helping expand God’s kingdom by bringing the gospel to the language that can be understood in the community. We salute you, change maker – indeed, you are a hero!

As I head back to our offices, I meet this little girl, and with her eyes focused on the sky she recognizes that truly our help comes from the Lord. Our role as the change makers is simply to truly seek God and have faith in him that the change we yearn for will come to fruition. Thank you to all the Ndoto sponsors and partners for the sacrifice you have always made so that we can go to school. Thank you for every moment that you have always knelt down to pray for us, and thank you for every time you have endured jet lag just to come and visit us. You are so special to us. We love you abundantly and are always praying for you.

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